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Frequently Asked Questions

We're dedicated to creating an environment where amazing people can excel. Below you can hear directly from the team what it's like to work for Hire Space.

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Jake Lewis

Jake Lewis

Venue Expert Team Lead

How does Hire Space support your mental and physical health?

Hire Space does a great job of supporting the team's health and specifically have implemented a lot of structure and provide a lot of support around mental health. The company made a decision a few years ago to recognise mental health sickness the same as physical health sickness, and is open about taking mental health sick days. We have fully paid access to a coach & physchotherapist, whenever we want or need. There is a mental health first aider, and it's just definitely a very open company regarding mental health. Recently the company has announced more investment in the team's health, by provided a wellbeing budget to spend on whatever we like, be it gym membership, subscription to a wellbeing app, childcare, healthy eating... We're also doing a group 5k run in a couple of weeks. To top all this off, there is a lot of recognition at Hire Space to make sure everyone is aware of the great work being done around the company. Sales gongs and marketing enquiry results are lauded, yes, but there are awards given out across the company to recognise achievements in line with our company values.

Zorica Grdanovska

Zorica Grdanovska

Community Support Associate

What aspect of Hire Space’s culture keeps you at the company?

Despite the fact that I work from a remote location and only communicate with the rest of the team virtually, I can sense the great energy that exists inside of the organization. I appreciate the way we recognize and celebrate our accomplishments, as well as the way the company is concerned about our physical and mental well-being.

Benjamin Edmonds

Benjamin Edmonds

Head of Promotions

What are some unique perks Hire Space offers to its employees?

Thankfully it’s becoming less unique across businesses but the mental health support at Hire Space is great. Whether it’s using mental health sick days, having access to a trained mental health practitioner or just being given the space you need to find the best way for you to be your best self, there is a lot of flexibility to empower employees to make the right decisions for themselves

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