As has been widely reported in the press, many top banks such as JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America have started to split employees into small teams to reduce the chances that everyone will be affected by Coronavirus at the same time.

As a rapid response to this fast-moving crisis, Hire Space has launched a Split Operation Strategy Team to support businesses through the next few months of the global Coronavirus pandemic.


A Split Operation Strategy involves breaking down larger teams of 100+ into smaller pods of approximately 10 people and locating them remotely. This allows close team members to maintain communication, which can be lost working remotely, while significantly reducing the risk of a large number of employees having the virus at the same time.


To decide if your business would benefit from an Off-Site Split Operation Strategy, it’s worth considering two specific questions

Do you employ over 100 people in a single location?

  • The mathematics here is startling. When the virus spreads to 1% of the population, an office of 100 people has a 63% chance of someone being infected. An office of 10 people would only have a 9% chance in this scenario. It pays to split up teams.

Do your teams benefit from regular face to face communication throughout the day?

  • Some work can be done remotely with little impact. For example, software engineers or data scientists can work remotely with little disruption. However other people, such as sales team or fast-moving project teams that rely on day-to-day communication, may suffer after a few days of working at home.

Ultimately, if your office is 100 people or more, and your team benefits from regular face to face communication then you should consider an Off-Site Split Operation Strategy.

How can businesses get in touch?

In response to the Coronavirus crisis, Hire Space has set up a dedicated Split Operation Strategy Team to support businesses to find a solution to keep their workforce healthy and productive.

Using a network of 6,000 venues around the UK, Hire Space will find locations that are tailored to your Split Operation Strategy. Our dedicated team of consultants are trained in finding solutions that work for all sizes of companies, and a wide range of temporary workstation requirements.

To get in touch you can send details of your company to our Split Operation Strategy Team via email on or phone on +44 20 3514 4609. Please make sure to include your headcount, location and any specific workstation requirements.

Alternatively, you can book a same-day consultation through the form below.